Alice Bond Award for Most Outstanding Female Athlete


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Alice Bond pioneered the Logger women's sports program, providing opportunities for women to compete in swimming, tennis, basketball, and volleyball from her role as UPS director and supervisor of women's sports from 1947 to 1976. This award was established in her name upon her retirement in 1976.


Alice Bond Award Recipients

1975-76 Evalyn Goldberg Volleyball/Basketball/Softball
1976-77 Cathy Heisler Swimming
1977-78 Alice Sigurdson Volleyball/Basketball/Softball
1978-79 Wendy Hunt Swimming
1979-80 Wendy Hunt Swimming
1980-81 Angela French Cross Country/Track & Field
1981-82 Jennifer McFall Volleyball
1982-83 Sarah Rudolph Swimming
1983-84 Patti Brabac Volleyball
1984-85 Colleen Baker Cross Country/Track & Field
1985-86 Heather Sullivan Cross Country/Track & Field
1986-87 Cathy Flick Volleyball
1987-88 Cathy Flick Volleyball
1988-89 Michelle Joy Basketball/Softball
1989-90 Sue Bendl Swimming
1990-91 Annie Pettigrew Basketball/Softball
1991-92 Ronda Blair Swimming
  Melody Stanley Softball
1992-93 Keely Running Basketball
1993-94 Wanda Howlett Cross Country/Track & Field
1994-95 Danita Erickson-Parkhurst Cross Country
1995-96 Andrea Egans Volleyball
1996-97 Heather Paulsen Softball
1997-98 Angela Butler Swimming
1998-99 Kristina Goos Basketball
  Anna Dudek Volleyball
1999-00 Erin Peterson Softball/Basketball
  Kassia Vote Softball
2000-01 Laura Grinstead Soccer
2001-02 Dana Boyle Cross Country/Track & Field
2002-03 Adriane Ougendahl Volleyball
2003-04 Lindsay May Basketball
2004-05 Cortney Kjar Soccer
2005-06 Cortney Kjar Soccer
2006-07 Emily Lau Golf
2007-08 Janece Levien Soccer/Track & Field
2008-09 Janece Levien Soccer
2009-10 Claire Ely Basketball
2010-11 Sarah Bicker Golf
2011-12 Tracy Wormwood Swimming
2012-13 Jackie Harvey Volleyball
2013-14 Alicia Burns Cross Country/Track & Field
2014-15 Amalia Acorda-Fey Soccer
2015-16 Emily Sheldon Basketball
2016-17 Alexis Noren Basketball
2017-18 Kelli Callahan Swimming



Jimmy Wohrer (Cheney Award), Kelli Callahan (Bond Award) with Brad Cheney.