Tim McDonough Award

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Tim McDonough was a standout UPS football player in the early 1970s when cancer robbed him of his senior year of eligibility and eventually claimed his life. The award was instigated by the players at that time to honor the three-year letterman and captain whose fight and faith were inspirations for many seasons to follow.


Male Tim McDonough Award Recipients

1975-76 Rick Walker Basketball
1976-77 Rick Walker Basketball
1977-78 Matt McCully Basketball
1978-79 Randy Moon Track & Field
1979-80 Thom Stephens Basketball
1980-81 Bill Radford Basketball
1981-82 Bill Perez Basketball
1982-83 Scott Stolzenburg Football
1983-84 Les Braxton Football
1984-85 Alphonse Hammond Basketball
1985-86 Darin Gearhart Basketball
  Todd Tuell Tennis
1986-87 Scott Minnix Football
1987-88 Scott Minnix Football
1988-89 Craig Wood Football
1989-90 Chad Helgeson Football
1990-91 Pat Grimsley Football
1991-92 Rodney Emmons Football
1992-93 Rodney Emmons Football
1993-94 Tim Herron Track and Field
1994-95 Matt Carlson Football
1995-96 Whitney Dixon Basketball
1996-97 Chris Devore Baseball
1997-98 Cliff Poage Track & Field
1998-99 Joel Baldwin Track & Field
1999-00 Ben Shelton Basketball
2000-01 Ben Shelton Basketball
2001-02 Mike Hartshorn Tennis
2002-03 Dave Avramovich Football
2003-04 Tyler Sellon Track
  Josh Snyder Soccer
2004-05 Aubrey Shelton Basketball
2005-06 Aaron Bean Football
2006-07 Brian Eggers Football
2007-08 Peter New Football
2008-09 Brian Eggers Football
2009-10 Spencer Crace Football
2010-11 Taylor Firman Football
2011-12 Trevor Horn Football
2012-13 Trevor Horn Football
2013-14 Trevor Horn Football
2014-15 Steve Wagar Baseball
2015-16  Jared Honda  Football
2016-17 Jacob Wuesthoff Football
2017-18 Murdock Rutledge Football

Female Tim McDonough Award Recipients

1985-86 Michelle Miles Softball
1986-87 Teresa Holleman Track
1987-88 Linda DeVries Basketball
1988-89 Sue Brandt Cross Country
1989-90 Leanne Lemke Softball
1990-91 Sandra Fletcher Cross Country
1991-92 Bessi Windecker Tennis
1993-94 Kelly Wadsworth Swimming
1994-95 Molly Avery Basketball
1995-96 Jeannie Moar Tennis
1996-97 Megan White Swimming
1997-98 Julie Louis Soccer
1998-99 Amy Wells Track & Field
1999-00 Marie Potter Softball
2000-01 Julie Louis Soccer
2001-02 Marie Potter Softball
2002-03 Melissa Wolfe Basketball
2003-04 Alena Bennett Volleyball
2004-05 Alena Bennett Volleyball
2005-06 Victoria Raeburn Softball
2006-07 Sarah Moody Crew
2007-08 Katie Gillette Soccer
2008-09 Kate Simeon Crew
2009-10 Sarah Bicker Golf
2010-11 Tracy Wormwood Swimming
2011-12 Tracy Wormwood Swimming
2012-13 Jenni Brehove Volleyball
2013-14 Alex Teesdale Soccer
2014-15 Alex Teesdale Soccer
2015-16 Hailey Shoemaker Lacrosse
2016-17 Hailey Shoemaker Lacrosse
2017-18 Ella Frazer Lacrosse


Jessica Gott, James Dejesus, and Lily O'Conner with University Provost Dr. Kristine Bartanen.