Intercollegiate Insurance Plan

The University of Puget Sound provides athletic accident coverage for all full-time students who participate in intercollegiate athletics during the academic year. Please read the following carefully. Click here to go to Intercollegiate Insurance FAQ. If you have any questions regarding the insurance coverage or process, please contact Craig Bennett, Head Athletic Trainer, at (253) 879-3441.

The student-athlete must notify the athletic training staff immediately once an injury occurs and initial medical treatment must take place within 90 days from the date of Accident or Sickness. The EIIA Insurance Claim Form must be completed within 180 days from the date of injury. The covered student-athlete must be under the care of a physician when the eligible expenses are incurred. 

The University of Puget Sound Intercollegiate Insurance Plan contains certain Exclusions and Limitations. Please obtain a copy of the plan description in order to determine if services would be covered under the Plan. The following must be met to be eligible for coverage and receive benefits under the University of Puget Sound Intercollegiate Insurance Plan:

1. The athletic injury or condition must be reported to the athletic training staff as soon as possible (ideally within 24 hrs) following its initial onset. The student-athlete is then evaluated by a staff athletic trainer and/or the team physician and proper documentation recorded. Additional medical consultation, diagnostic tests, treatments and rehabilitation outside of the University of Puget Sound Athletic Training and Sports Medicine system should be coordinated through the staff athletic trainers and/or the team physicians. These additional procedures will result in costs billed to the athlete or their insurance carrier. 

2. Student/athletes must first submit expenses to their primary insurance carrier.  In most cases, this is insurance under which they are covered through their parents. If you are insured by an HMO, PPO or similar arrangement, they should be contacted for proper instruction on covered health care. HMO and PPO Plans must be utilized. If you do not use the facilities and services of the HMO, PPO or similar arrangement, medical benefits otherwise payable under the University's policy may be reduced by 50%.

3. The coverage afforded by the University of Puget Sound Intercollegiate Student-athlete Insurance Coverage plan provides benefits in EXCESS of any other coverage the student-athlete may have. All eligible charges submitted for consideration must be accompanied by an Explanation of Benefits (E.O.B.) from the primary insurance carrier(s). The insurance claim forms are available from any of the staff athletic trainers and any questions and concerns should be directed to them. 

4. It is imperative that medical bills be forwarded to the secondary insurance carrier when they are initially received. Any unnecessary delay may result in collection notices and will slow the University's claim filing process.