Team Physicians

There are circumstances when a student-athlete may need referral to a team physician or other outside medical resources. Team physicians are available for student-athletes, on campus in the athletic training facility, at least one day a week. The Puget Sound Sports Medicine Staff utilizes a group of community based health care professionals. These practitioners are selected because they understand the unique needs of the student-athletes at the University of Puget Sound and have proven to be accessible and cooperative with the patient management process. 

  • Student-athletes must see a staff athletic trainer to be referred to a Team Physician or other outside medical resource when the injury/illness is related to practice or competition as an intercollegiate student-athlete. This is important in related health care administrative issues (filing insurance claims, etc.). [See Intercollegiate Insurance Information]
  • Private practice office visits with physicians will incur charges and be billed to the patient or his/her primary insurance carrier. This is also true for diagnostic tests (e.g. blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, etc.) and any other off campus health care obtained.


Traditional and Non-Traditional Seasons

Eligible student-athletes who are in their traditional competitive season will have priority of staff, equipment and facility resources.  Student-athletes participating in off-season and non-traditional season activities may use the athletic training facility, but realize that in-season student-athletes have priority with the athletic training staff and facility.



Information regarding injuries and medical conditions sustained by student-athletes is confidential.  If the student-athlete is 18 years of age or older information regarding such conditions can only be communicated with people specifically named by the student-athlete on the University of Puget Sound Consent and Authorization for Use, Disclosure and Exchange of Student-Athlete Health Information Form found in the Student-Athlete Medical Form.