Health & Wellness Links for Student-Athletes

The Athletic Training Staff at the University of Puget Sound is committed to providing credible resources to aid student-athletes in maintaining proper health. Proper nutrition provides a foundation for great performance. Below are several credible websites offering basic educational material on nutrition, supplement use, eating disorders, mental preparation, and alcohol and drug use. Please consult the athletic training staff with any questions regarding this information.

Nutrition and Health

Eating away from home                                 Female sport essentials

Fueling for sports basics                         Navigating the grocery store

Sports nutrition                         Vegetarian source of iron and protein

Vegetarian sports nutrition

Drug Free Sport Resource Exchange Center
Information about ingredients in medications and nutritional supplements. Contact the University of Puget Sound Athletic Training staff for the password.

NCAA Banned Substances

NCAA Banned Substances List
This is a statement from the NCAA concerning banned substances. This document includes all classes of banned substances. Review this information and use it as a guide, but be aware that all substances are not listed. If in doubt, DO NOT TAKE IT! If you have questions about the ingredients or quality of a substance ask the athletic training staff.

NCAA Health and Safety
Athlete education for various health and safety conditions.

Momentum Health
This site includes resources from healthy eating and shopping to exercise and eating disorders from Registered Dietician Emily Edison.


USDA Nutrient Database
Enter a food item and the search will reveal total calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. To search for resources that include food composition, biodiversity, ecological issues, and origins of food click on “How to Get Information.”

American Dietetic Association
For healthy weight loss, eating for different health conditions, and overall healthy eating plans.

No Limit Nutrition
Free handouts with sport specific nutrition needs, the athlete’s shopping list, recipes, supplement information and snack ideas.

Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Research based hydration, sports nutrition, and training information.

Sports Psychology and Mental Health

Mind Tools
Includes links for everything from gaining focus to handling stress. This is a comprehensive site for mental preparation.

Screening For Mental Health
A screening tool to help determine if you are having mental or emotional issues that you should seek help.

Eating Disorders

Something Fishy
Comprehensive information about eating disorders.

National Eating Disorders Association
Information, help and resources about eating disorders.

Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

Addiction & Recovery

Addictions & Recovery
Information about recovering from addictions and how to gain control over relapse.

Puget Sound E-CHUG

A tool for students to realistically determine alcohol use and attitudes towards alcohol use and abuse.

Puget Sound E-TOKE

A tool for students to realistically determine marijuana use and attitudes towards marijuana use and abuse.

Health & Wellness Service

Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services
Resources and referrals from the Counseling Health and Wellness Service (CHWS) on campus.