Myhre welcomes 18 new swimmers to Puget Sound

Myhre welcomes 18 new swimmers to Puget Sound

TACOMA, Washington – Puget Sound men's and women's swimming head coach Chris Myhre welcomes 18 new Loggers to the program. Below, Myhre shares each new Loggers' prefered swimming event, and he notes their long-term plans.



Spencer Baum

Oakland, Calif. / Maybeck

Coach Myhre: "Spencer enjoys racing mid-distance freestyle and loves all colors!  Spencer is an entrepreneur and has a business selling custom gaming systems. His goal in the next 20 years is to live in British Columbia, Canada."




Ethan Budd

Fircrest, Wash. / Wilson

Coach Myhre: "Ethan prefers to race breaststroke in a cobalt blue speed suit. He also enjoys - and gets paid - to blow glass. In 20 years one might find Ethan in Hawaii or living somewhere in Europe."




Javier Esquivel

Oakland, Calif. / Marin Academy

Coach Myhre: "Javi will also be wearing blue, but he is racing the 500-freestyle. He is also restoring a 1983 280Z, which he'll be driving in and around California in 20 years."




Toby Gjevre

Minneapolis, Minn. / Wayzata 

Coach Myhre: "Toby's favorite event is the 200-free, in which he'd be wearing a blue colored speed suit. He used to be a competitive ski racer. In 20 years, he plans to be somewhere very nice."




Corey Hodder

Spokane, Wash. / Mount Spokane

Coach Myhre: "The 100-backstroke is Corey's event, possibly in his favorite color of aqua marine. He has been swimming for 14 years of his life, and in 20 years will be living, working, and we believe swimming in the White House!"




Josh Montgomery

Yakima, Wash. / Davis

Coach Myhre: "A red racing suit during the 100-freestyle brings a smile to Josh's face! He has never broken a bone in his body and has no plans to do so.  In 20 years, you will find Josh in LA!"




Brennan Preyer

Torrance, Calif. / Palos Verdes Peninsula

Coach Myhre: "Brennan's event of choice is the 100-backstroke, and when racing he might be wearing a green speed suit. His mom has been his swim coach for the past four years. Twenty years from now Brennan will be living in LA!" 




Jack Renschler

Snohomish, Wash. / Glacier Peak

Coach Myhre: "Jack enjoys swimming the 100-freestyle and might be seen rockin' a red speed suit. A fun fact is that he enjoys playing water polo, and in 20 years he will live somewhere in Seattle."




Calvin Werts

Olympia, Wash. / Capital

Coach Myhre: "Calvin's most favorite event is the 100-backstroke, and purple is his choice of color. Calvin is an award-winning director and in 20 years will be living in an off-world colony!"




Maiya Arias

Hilo, Hawaii / Hilo

Coach Myhre: "Maiya enjoys racing the 500-freestyle, but it has to be in a pink suit! If she laughs a little too hard she gets the hiccups. In 20 years, Maiya will be travelling the world helping those who are sick or injured."




Catherine Frisiras

Portland, Ore. / Tigard 

Coach Myhre: "You can find Catherine gleefully swimming the 1,000-freestyle in a pink hued racing suit. Watching scary movies is what she likes most, and living in the PNW is where she'll be in 20 years!"




Kyra Hartley

Walla Walla, Wash. / Walla Walla

Coach Myhre: "Kyra loves the 100-backstroke in any suit, but a blue one makes her go fastest. She loves water polo and may still be playing in 20 years on a lake, somewhere in the PNW!"




Izzy Hendryx

Poulsbo, Wash. / North Kitsap

Coach Myhre: "Izzy loves to race the 100-backstroke, and light blue is her favorite color.  She is a fan of mac and chees and Elvis!  She will be in either Washington or Oregon in 20 years."




Moira Lee

Bethel, Conn. / Miss Porter's School

Coach Myhre: "Moira is a 100-butterflyer that embraces the color pine green. Doors, sandals, and the zoo are on Moira's list of least favorite things or places due to a childhood incident.  In 20 years, do not look for her to be in America!"




Hannah Lillard

Lone Tree, Colo. / Rock Canyon

Coach Myhre: "Hannah loves the 200-freestyle and the color white. This young woman loves water chestnuts. In 20 years, she will be living in Canada or the state of Maine!"




Grace Moussa

Petaluma, Calif. / Analy

Coach Myhre: "Grace swims the backstroke with the most joy, also in a blue racing suit. She is passionate about painting murals and may very well still be doing that in 20 years, somewhere in California!"




Mae Niebuhr

Minneapolis, Minn. / Southwest

Coach Myhre: "Mae is a 500-freestyler, and She prefers the color light blue. She wore an eyepatch as a child for a medical reason. In 20 years she may be back in Minneapolis, but wherever she is, she will be happy!"




Annie Sullivan

Whitefish, Mont. / Whitefish

Coach Myhre: "Annie loves and excels in the 500-freestyle, and green is her favorite color. She was a resident of Scotland for six years, and in 20 years there's a good chance you'll find her living in Whitefish!"